RobotJam rides Fourty too.

Ride the official bike of the Cyclomaniacs.  Cyclomaniacs – Epic was released on the 7th of March, 2013 with everybody’s favorate -RobotJam’ hittin the course on a Fourty..  We love that robot.

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Cycling Tips take a closer look at Fourty Bikes

Cycling Tips did a review on the Fourty Bikes.  Read a bit more about what Fourty Bikes are about …

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New ‘Cyclomaniacs’ Fourty Bike downloading now !!

Prepare for some serious aerial work and high points scoring on the all new for 2013 ‘Cyclomaniacs’ Fourty Bike this season.  Yep, the dudes at Longanimals and RobotJAM, the worlds coolest game programmers, give the stamp of approval to the ‘Cyclomaniacs’ Fourty Bike.  Click on the ‘PLAY NOW’ tab to experience the most fun on two wheels and a monitor.

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She’s real fine, my 409

The Beach Boys were right on the money, Chevy’s 409 was a monster back in 1963.  In 2013, Fourty’s brand new 406 shakes the pavement with double wall rims, tuned cranks and low bottom bracket height… not to mention out of sight looks.  This 20″ muscle bike suits responsibe 4-7 year olds – responsible for having fun.

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406 Series – on it’s way to you

This ain’t your grandaddy’s ’62 Galaxie race fans.  Fourty’s naturally aspirated 406 Series is fast and stable – just the way we like ‘em.  Stand by as we prepare this little bracket racer for Christmas.

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540 Series explained by Cody


Check out what sets the Fourty 540 Series bike apart from all the rest.  Take it away Cody…

Music – “By Myself” by Super Magic Hats

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Johnny Romeo Single Speed Edit


This summer, take care of business with the Fourty – Romeo Special, featuring art takes from pop art legend Johnny Romeo.  3 speed or single.  Roll cooler.

music – ‘Rising’ by David Colley

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New Track Bars Available

Fourty Bikes have just released these sweet new drop bars.  Now you can turn your Fourty Single Speed into a track racing rocket.

The bars slot straight into your 22.2mm stem, meaning no stem swaps.  The 22.2mm diameter also means you can fit conventional levers around the bends.  That’s thinking !

Measuring 340mm across and having a drop of 120mm, these bars are perfect for all junior road and track riders.  The 22.2mm bar diameter also means the bars are easy to grip with small hands, once you wrap the bar tape.

These bars are super cool and super light weight.  Grab a pair from your Fourty dealer and start riding like a pro.  Careful, track riding makes you lightening fast !

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Fourty Bikes – “Why I believe the bike will be a success”

Simon Hayes from Bicycling Australia Magazine puts a Fourty 3 speed through the magazines test lab.


Hey, we posted it on our website, so must be good.  Simon went on to say it looks far more expensive than it is and if you’ve got children between 8 and 12 then you should have a good look at the Fourty’s.

Thanks and rock’n Simon!

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Fourty Bike Recall Notice

It has been decided that due to Fourty Bikes appearing to share some similar characteristics to those of a mountain bike or BMX bike, by Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS: 1927:1998 the bike should be sold with the below sticker attached.

The Standard states that any bike appearing to be a mountain bike or BMX bike, but that is not intended to be used for that purpose, should have the sticker attached.

If you would like the sticker attached, return the bike to your place of purchase and they’ll be only to happy to stick one on your bike.

Click here for recall notice



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